How long will delivery take once my order has been placed?

You should expect your new coop to arrive within 5 business days, however you can choose to have a 48/hour slot delivery.

Can I exchange my item?

Yes, as all purchases come with 100% satisfaction guarantee for your peace of mind.

Can I change my mind with the purchase?

Yes, we offer 14 days unconditional money back guarantee & free return. You will receive your refund of the item including your delivery cost back to you.

Do I need to be home for the delivery?

No – we can organise an authority to leave the delivery, so you don’t need to be home and the courier will leave it in a safe place.

What happens if I only receive some of my boxes?

We know you will be eggcited to receive your goods, but if your order seems to be delayed, or has arrived as a split order, please wait 24 hours as the courier is likey to delivery the remaining goods the following day.

However, if further delays occur, please contact us directly via phone or email and we will look after it for you! We have been doing this for many years and have a lot of experience dealing with couriers and will make sure everything is sorted promptly for you!

What size chickens should I buy?

One of your first purchasing decisions will be whether to get standard chickens or Bantams. Bantams are a fraction of the size of the standard chickens. They are cute and sweet, but they lay less than standard chickens and they are more susceptible to predators. Some people choose the standard size (or “large fowl”) chickens for laying and add a few Bantams for their fun look and personality.

Are timber or metal chicken coops best?

Timber is better because it acts as a natural insulator to keep the hens cool (and warm in winter) plus it looks much nicer than metal.

What are your coops made out of?

All our coops are made with A-grade pine timber. It has been kiln dried so it has a low moisture level. The timber also comes pre-oiled, which gives the coop surface protection against the harsh weather elements Australia often has!

Once it arrives, you will also need to give the coop another coat of timber protection oil or a good quality exterior house paint to ensure its long life. Let us know if you’re thinking of painting the coop and we can recommend some options for you! Be sure to check out all the wonderful creations from our customers on the testimonials page!

Where are your coops made ?

All coops are produced in our manufacture in UK! (This are not cheap Chinese imports )

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