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Suitable for 8 to 10 Hens

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Main Description
The Royal is sure to make you eggstatic!! This chicken coop was designed with not only the chickens in mind but also the customer.

It has a 12 foot long run which the chickens love. It has built in handles allowing you to move the coop around your yard with ease.

There are built in side vents for ventilation. The droppings tray is huge and well built making the maintenance much easier to stay up on.

It is our largest coop and is good for 8-10 chickens (other fowl capacity depends on species). Customers have found this design to be accommodating for quail, pheasants, ducks and other species.

If you are looking to keep your chickens contained in a comfortable setting this is the one for you!

Cleaning and accessing the eggs couldn’t be easier as the back panel is completely removable and the two hinged nesting boxes are predator resistant with secure latches.

Grab handles create ease when moving the coop. Depending on the size of your location this chicken coop can be used with or without the detachable run.

TOP Features
Each slat of wood rests neatly within the next to ensure easy construction and a weather-tight enclosure.
Sliding Mess Pans
An advantage over fixed bottoms, the galvanized steel pan slides free for easy access to droppings.*
Nest Boxes
Divided for multiple nests, our nesting boxes are accessed through secured, hinged doors for easy access to eggs.
Roosting Bars
Provides your chickens with a perch, which is where they typically sleep and spend a lot of time.
Latched Doors
Designed to last years of wear, the metal latches and locks keep chickens safe from predators.
Easy Assembly
Each coop ships with clear directions, and many parts are already put together.

Review Rating:
Would just like to say, excellent service, 4 days from ordering to delivery, and went together very well. will be recomending you to quite a few people who are after a new coop.
Submitted By: Mark H On: 16/01/2017
Verified Purchase
Review Rating:
We bought the “Royal” chicken coop design to replace our old large coop we slapped together with crates, wire and tin we had laying around years ago that we always intended to fix up but never did. We actually have 14 chickens in it and they fit nicely where your instructions said something like 12, but that could be the breed differences too. We absolutely love the nesting boxes where now we dont have to go inside at all to gather eggs every day!! your email asked for any negatives or downsides, which I appreciate you asking, but I don’t really have any thing to complain about. One thing that would be nice is to know what kind of stain to match it in case it weathers over the years.
Submitted By: sammy s. On: 11/01/2017
Verified Purchase
Review Rating:
We love how much room it provides for our chickens! They are completely safe too from predators with the strong wire run which makes having chickens stress free.
Submitted By: Neil Morris On: 04/01/2017
Verified Purchase
Review Rating:
Hey, I’m just getting back to you about the coop I purchased before christmas. Thanks for all of the help you gave me when purchasing it as a gift, and not knowing anything about chickens. Amy was so happy with the coop on christmas and our kids love feeding the chickens each day. We look forward to hatching some ourselves in the spring. It was pretty cool to open the huge boxes and her know knowing what was inside. Putting it together on christmas morning with the kids reminded me of building things with my dad on christmas day when I was a kid. We are totally new to chickens, and our neighbors are now coming to us for advice for getting into them as well.Thanks for all of your help and for checking in on us.
Submitted By: Amy Rochdale On: 29/12/2016
Verified Purchase
Review Rating:
Fast delivery, chickens are happy! Have never built a coop before but the assembly was very straightforward am very pleased with the size and quailty particularly considering the price paid.
Submitted By: Stan Moore On: 16/12/2016
Verified Purchase

Review Rating:
Great building, and was really quite easy to assemble. Arrived within the 5 days and once I got going only took me 1 hour to complete. The building seems very strong and secure. Very nice coop for the price.
Submitted By: david h. smith On: 11/12/2016
Verified Purchase
Review Rating:
good value, the service was excellant for the money. no real problems at all with this purchase
Submitted By: Mary McWhirter On: 03/12/2016
Verified Purchase
Review Rating:
genuinely impressed with the finished product, when it arrived last week it looked a daunting task to build but im happy to report it wasnt that bad. chickens have plenty of space to run around. Overall very very happy with my purchase. would be happy to recommend to friends, do I get a discount if i do?
Submitted By: anon S On: 29/11/2016
Verified Purchase
Review Rating:
I’m 53, and on a windy stormy day, I was able to construct the coop on my own! The quality is wonderful and my chickens love their new home!!!
Submitted By: Diana Peterson On: 20/11/2016
Verified Purchase
Review Rating:
I put the coop together in 2 hours by myself. The instructions were great and the engineering on the coop is excellent. Thanks!
Submitted By: Luke On: 08/11/2016
Verified Purchase
Review Rating:
a solid built coop. the wood is solid and the construction is well done, we put a few coats of oil stain on the roof after the first winter to keep it in good condition. thanks for following up with us. when will you start selling feed online?
Submitted By: Tony Robinson On: 30/10/2016
Verified Purchase
Review Rating:
This is super! I was telling my wife and kids horror stories about the chicken coop I had as a kid and after setting this up and seeing how nice a coop can be makes the stories that much funnier to them. This tray action idea to be able to clean the hen house out is just plan sweet!!! Coops well constructed but I like that I can paint it, reseal or even put caulk connections in the future with ease if we wanted.
Submitted By: Max Ostwerd On: 20/10/2016
Verified Purchase
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Overall Dimensions
363 cm
175 cm
125 cm
Sleeping Area Dimensions
94 cm
85 cm
95 cm

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Latest Customer Review
The coop arrived today and we spent an hour setting up. Solidy built and the panels make it easy to put together. I recommend a power drill instead of a screw driver because the bolts are long and your hand will get REALLY tired. Plus I think it is more secure that way. Thanks for the great coops!
Sara James

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